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  1. Steam Early Access release upcoming in ...

    , 2 Days Ago at 03:30 AM
    stay tuned!

    Updated 2 Days Ago at 03:36 AM by tdev

  2. Tennis racket theorem: check

    , 2 Weeks Ago at 06:04 PM
    Apparently we can simulate it out of the box:

    The original on the ISS:

    Our testcase (we just built the model, no special physics code added):

    via and (see also:


    Also, very nice rallying vid from Jalkku:

    via Development-Screens-(Each-post-contains-a-picture-OR-contributing-post-)

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  3. Version released

    , 3 Weeks Ago at 04:30 PM


    • Fixed Level of Detail (LOD) on high resolutions: this was responsible for the super low resolution on post HD screen resolutions
    • Fix some bindings not being loaded when using inputmaps generated in older versions: This was responsible for breaking the hotkeys completely.
    • fixes ui show/hide keys and accidental destruction of the legacy apps
    • Fix display of default linearity in bindings
    • Add support to modify scale in bindings
    • Strip angularjs metadata when writing inputmaps to disk
    • Do not store binding settings that are default (increases inputmap readability/shareability)
    • Add ability to set deadzone in bindings
    • Add revert-to-defaults functionality to input screen
    • Allow saving to a non-existing inputmap (create inputmaps for new devices)
    • Filter out Null Audio from Options GUI.
    • reduced instability warning from 60 seconds to 10 seconds
    • Fixed lightflare render on low texture quality with non pow2 textures.


    • added photo mode: Use the sidebar to open it or CTRL + U
      Click image for larger version.
    • added camera banking support for the Photo mode


    • fixed up pedal placement in pickup and roamer
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  4. Version released

    , 4 Weeks Ago at 03:15 PM

    We've just released a new update to address some of the new bugs found in

    • Fixed crash on selecting Null audio provider
    • Fixed crash when fullscreen lost focus when loading a level
    • UI: Play button now closes any open tabs
    • UI: hide UI hotkeys working again: SHIFT+U
    • UI: fixed ng-cloak: menu loading now hidden
    • UI: fixed UI apps not getting any data since the stream information was not in sync after switching vehicles or spawning new
    • UI/VehicleConfig: Parts configuration works again
    • UI/VehicleConfig: fixed UI getting desync when exchanging the vehicle while the UI is open
    • UI/Options: Graphics options save properly
    • UI/Options: All PostFX options now working
    • UI/Options: Dynamic reflections options now working
    • UI/Environment: fixed cloud cover bug: slider min/max fixed
    • UI/Environment: removed defunct rain drop slider
    • UI/Debug: reset all vehicles working
    • UI/Debug: render debug options working
    • UI/Debug: FOV back working
    • UI/Debug: fixed Center of Gravity not working
    • UI/Debug: fixed static collision debug not working
    • UI/Environment: added simulation speed slider
    • UI/Physics pause menu: Screen gets the black border and the STOP sign when in J mode
    • UI/Options: removed not working easy graphics option for now as this is WIP
    • PostFX settings now save on exit
    • Keyboard bindings fixed, T to fire the cannon for example (if you still experience problems, try to delete your "My Documents/" folder)

    • removed WIP UI apps: hydroscontroller and racingtime
    • added missing preview images to all other UI apps
    • Fixed Roamer and D15 gear needle movement
    • Fixed Roamer brake gauge light incorrect location
    • New 18 inch wheels for the Sunburst RS/Race
    • Corrected wheel deform/strength values
    • Inflated Mat texture error fixed
    • Fixed Moonhawk collision triangles
    • Tweaked 200BX rear bumper, fixed inverted coltri
    • Tuned 200BX torque curves
    • Removed terrains aitest and thevoid from the release (they are dev testing maps and just slipped in)
    • port level now actually just being the port
    • added textarea to feedback app
    • added missing dragcoef, sidereinfbeam deform and strength to some tires

    You may read the rest of the changes released yesterday here version-0-3-8-1-released-64-bits-200bx-material-design

    Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 12:33 AM by tdev

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  5. version released - 64 bits, Roamer, 200BX, material design

    , 4 Weeks Ago at 11:23 PM

    New, cleaner, simpler and easier to maintain/develop User Interface using material design (same as your android phone):

    Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.Click image for larger version.

    Other big changes:
    • we finally switched from 32Bits to 64Bits, your computer will choose the correct version automatically.
    • ~19.5% faster physics core thanks to 64 bit optimization
    • New vehicles: Gavril Roamer and Ibishu 200BX

    In more detail:

    • New UI (WIP) - Press 'Escape' key to toggle
    • Added torqueArm feature for correct reaction torque on cars' axles
    • Improved the performance of the physics core. x64 is ~19.5% faster now than the previous version x86 physics core
    • Improved 64-bit support
    • Improved pressure simulation (increases tire stability)
    • Optimizations of pressure simulation
    • Optimized the wheel simulation
    • Small optimizations of the collision subsystem
    • Changed physics realtime limit to be at 20 FPS
    • Added feedback app - Use for bug reporting only
    • Added 'center of gravity' debug
    • Added 'breakgroup' debug
    • Material editor supports Reflectivity Maps
    • A notice will be shown if integrated video card gets used
    • Added color gradient to ScatterSky in the mission file
    • Added fixed nodes support
    • SideReinfBeam option added to pressureWheel model
    • Vehicle recovery system improvements . Press 'Insert' to use it
    • Updating densities on every gfx frame for objects that are in water
    • Added wheelSideReinfBeam (optional) and split up hub beam options (hubSide, hubTread, hubPeriphery) also optional
    • Renamed decalroad difficulty property to drivability
    • Added getTerrainDrivability
    • Added floating point number filtering of the physics engine to increase the stability of T3D
    • Improved AI basic route planning
    • Added AI route positions optimization
    • Added AI 3 point turns
    • Added AI bump planning
    • Added AI jump planning (WIP)
    • Tuned vehicle tires
    • Create hooks that T3D can call when input changes
    • Show raw hardware controllers information

    • Fixed duplicate beam/missing beam for the Grand Marshal lightbar
    • Tweaked grand marshal ride height
    • Fixed tiretester load problem.
    • Add fallback for missing GlobalCubemap on levels - There is no need to manually add GlobalCubemap to a level to use static reflections
    • Fixed infinite level loading when in fullscreen mode
    • Fixed Fanatec pedals being unbindable
    • Fixed differential mode toggle lua function
    • Fixed welded/lsd differentials causing wheel instability
    • Fixed combined throttle and brake causing wheel instability
    • Fixed wheel torque reaction
    • Fixed incorrect engine torque reaction
    • Fixed negative gravity in sand/mud simulation
    • Fixed Sunburst front lug nuts clipping through steel wheels
    • Fixed vehicle not functioning without flexbodies section
    • Fixed uneven force feedback at steering limits for all cars
    • Fixed spurious crash sounds
    • Fixed vehicle camera with mouse + rclick
    • Fixed debug persistency breaking with module init
    • Removed logline deduplication problem
    • Fixed retaining of debug mode
    • Improved nodeweight debug
    • Fix invalid TerrainBlock ray cast, froze game at level load.
    • Window title changes: now includes version and architecture
    • Shape now using a normalized 1900x1080 resolution for calculation: improves chosen LOD model
    • Make collada update of material.cs files optional.
    • Removed dangerous code(infinite bucle) from Precipitation::wrapDrop
    • Fix shader leak on shutdown
    • Reduce recursive call in Win32Window::setVideoMode
    • Fixed light flares on lowest texture quality: working now
    • Fix missing vehicle shadows on lowest lighting.
    • Split Material's simulated and real time: police lightbar animation now slows down with slowmotion
    • T3D Lua crash fixes on receiving evenings from multiple threads
    • fixed Virtual filesystem destruction CTD on certain CEF file usage
    • Disabled optimization on Octree code, some times dont work correctly: more stable now
    • launcher should now kill of stray .ui processes when main process died
    • added ability to show and hide the cef console dynamically: ALT+C
    • Add support for Material's reflectivity maps.
    • Fix leak due to missing virtual dtor
    • Render Forest objects when we use ScatterSky.lastSplitTerrainOnly
    • Fix Decals normals: lighting on decals should be correct now
    • Remove support for MNG: was not used, but still crashing
    • disabled security relevant functions to improve the T3D sandbox
    • Add color gradient files to ScatterSky
    • Recicle DecalManager buffers every N frames for avoid the buffer lock problem.
    • fixing CTD on canvas render invocation
    • removed strange tab replacement in console, also added time to console log struct improved look and format
    • improved error logging on fatal lua errors
    • minor things, added lua startup script and file: -lua -luafile
    • fixed CTD on T3D Lua reload, reloads are properly queued now
    • Change SimXMLDocument for use virtual FS: used by editors settings.xml
    • Add SimObject::inspectPostApply to Lua interface.
    • Add debug log for a problem with SpotLight not updated correcty on scene octree.
    • Avoid LightBase field set/read from dummy variable.
    • Implement setVehiclePosition for recovery system
    • Extend drawSquarePrism interface
    • renamed difficulty to drivabilityon decalroads
    • Add debug logs for try get more information about a frequent crash
    • Safe code for CubeReflector::updateReflection
    • Save console position
    • Fix sort video modes for GFXPCD3D9Device::enumerateVideoModes.
    • Enable SFXNullProvider as fallback when principal sfx provider fails to init,
    • Fixed CTD: Check against NULL ptr in Win32Window::WindowProc
    • Fix crash at startup when some input devices are connected.
    • Reduce min window size
    • Add check for detect when GPU drivers try to overide DX9 AA setting: fixes transparent vehicles for AMD GPU users
    • Add safe code for avoid crashes when we call Platform::Altert during render.
    • Fixed serious drivetrain differential bug
    • improved physics core stability

    • New vehicle: Gavril Roamer
    • New vehicle: Ibishu 200BX
    • New tire tuning for Covet, Grand Marshal, 200BX, Sunburst, & Gavril D/H series, using new side reinforcement beams
    • New steering rack system for Gavril D/H series
    • Revamped Sunburst rear suspension
    • Tweaked susp damping so both ends have similar bounce frequency
    • Minor tuning to improve handling balance and ffb feel on the Covet, Grand Marshal, Moonhawk, Sunburst, & Gavril D/H series
    • Weakened D15 and Roamer roof structure to collapse more in rollovers
    • Minor updates to the Inflated Mat
    • AI Improvements
    • Updated vehicles thumbnails
    • Updated loading screen images
    • Materials animation uses simulation time now
    • Improved console logging
    • Forest will cast shadows if 'last split on terrain only' option is activated in the ScatterSky settings

    Partly the changes are covered by our previous blogpost: April-2015-Progress-report

    Some stats from the 2nd of April to the 30th of April:
    • 960 SVN revisions
    • 188 GIT commits
    • 216 internal tickets closed - 45 tickets closed but still to be tested by QA

    Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 07:03 PM by gabester

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