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  1. Version released

    3 Days Ago

    Version released, welcoming DX11

    This update took us longer, since we were working on bigger changes that needed time to mature enough to be released with quality in mind.

    DirectX 11
    We have switched from DirectX9 to DirectX11. The benefits are improved performance, future proofness and a good step towards modernizing the game engine core. The downside is that DirectX 11 will not run on Windows XP any more.

    • Moved some calculations to the GPU, speeding up the flexmeshes considerably
    • Implemented realistic Electronic Stability Control with multiple switchable configurations: Use CTRL+Q to switch. The Hirochi Sunburst is currently the only vehicle modern enough to have ESC support.
    • Small startup time improvement
    • Added force-feedback defaults to Fanatec and T500RS wheels
    • New main menu background images replacing the blurry video - Higher quality and more appealing
    • Added new vehicle Lua API: getYawAngularVelocity, getPitchAngularVelocity, getRollAngularVelocity
    • Added brakePressureDelay to simulate delay of air brakes on heavy trucks
    • Changelogs in the start menu and the info tab
    • Improved debug visualization for sounds.
    • Windows 10: Tested and found to be working well, fixed version reporting

    • Mouse wheel, axes, and some buttons can be bound now, enabling you to have mouse steering
    • Improved bindings: now faster and more direct: calling VLua, ELua, JS or TS directly
    • G27 steering wheel RPM LEDs working
    • Fixed setting bindings of high-end controllers that can fire rapid events (such as Fanatec CS or Saitek X-55)
    • Fixed inability to add and save bindings after the last one has been removed
    • Right mouse button "look" is now a binding like the rest (and can be replaced by mouse steering, accelerate & brake, and many others)
    • Add filtering options to mouse controls (deadzone, linearity, inversion)
    • Show controller name next to axis/button identifier when editing a binding (to help those with many controllers connected at the same time)
    • Show device type icon (keyboard, gamepad, etc. icons) next to most binding assignments
    • Minor GUI improvements in Controls menu to improve usability
    • "Advanced Functions" mode now also disables certain hotkeys used for debugging and alike.

    • Vehicle loading optimized making it 3x faster
    • Using average wheel speed for speedometer instead of the speed of one of the wheels
    • Fixed physics core loosing beams under rare circumstances
    • Differential improvements
    • Fixed crash when loading dead island mod with "Direct Sound" enabled
    • Removed all sound providers except one for now.
    • Fixed an issue where users could not define an audio device properly
    • Fixed negative values in colorpicker
    • Fix for suspension replacement disabling steering
    • Prevent CEF console from being enabled at the same time as full screen mode
    • Fixed sorting of rendered objects to reduce pixel fillrate, GPU state changes and to improve instancing
    • Fixed crash when more than 16 sounds are playing at the same time
    • Fixed default water density being far too low

    User Interface:
    • Added Electronic new Stability Control and ABS UI debugging apps
    • New and improved colorpicker in the vehicle selection
    • Several minor fixes to the UI: dashboard selection/highlighting, vehicle selector sizing too far
    • Improved auto-hiding of the dashboard: after 30 seconds and only when no tab is open
    • Vehicle Selector performance problems fixed: showing up much quicker now
    • Fixed Problem in the UI with duplicate audio devices making the UI stop working
    • Fixed Tacho2 up when engine values were missing: "NaN" is not shown but instead hiding the value now

    • Jungle Rock Island: Airfield progress, AI improvements, new materials/textures, added a fort, fixed dirt road suddenly ending, also now released and stable
    • GridMap: Added an ice patch, extended existing terrain samples
    • East Coast USA: Improved materials and LODs for buildings for improved performance
    • 4 new Scenarios: Moose Test, Jungle Rock Island Shortcut, East Coast USA Jumps, Heavy Machine Delivery
    • Updated colmesh for striped concrete barrier
    • Fixed "Supercar Rally" scenario
    • Fixed "Island Tour" scenario

    • T75: Added new Cement Mixer upfit. Continued optimizations. Redesigned front jbeam to better simulate leaf springs. Fixed missing hood and fender cams, rear spotlights. Fixed slow onset instability problems.
    • Sunburst: Added new rally parts and non-ABS brakes to the Hirochi Sunburst Rally
    • 200BX: Added new spoilers (XType and Small Lip). Tierod stiffness increased, fixed LSD diff being locked
    • D15: Added new off-road parts and "D15 V8 4WD Flatbed Custom" config. Fixed ABS settings for steelwheels, increased front suspension damping
    • D15/Roamer Small Trailer: Improved trailer wheels, collision and suspension
    • Roamer: Added new roofrack objects, spare tire, carry bag
    • Sunburst: Stiffened door hinges, headlights, tierods
    • Improved ABS system, also tuning (to suit new system):200BX, D15, Grand Marshal, Sunburst
    • Bolide: Fixed normalmap artifact, fixed doors colliding with fenders, stiffened chassis
    • Covet: Added new rally parts to the Ibishu Covet Rally. Increased HP of base model
    • Grand Marshal: Stiffened chasssis and rear door hinge, fixed dashboard mesh stretching
    • Pigeon: Increases suspension damping
    • Van: Fixed rear view mirror mesh stretching, increased front suspension damping
    • Concrete Barrier: Remade nodes/beams, replaced with an updated model
    • Added a "Kick Plate" prop (scenario to use it will come)
    • Flexbody binding improvements/fixes: 200BX, Bolide, Covet, D15/Roamer, Grand Marshal, Sunburst, T75
    • Improvements to glass strength: 200BX, Bolide, Covet, D15/Roamer, Grand Marshal, Moonhawk, Sunburst, T75

    Wiki updates:

    If you modified your input bindings, you might miss the default mappings for the new actions. You can either reset to default or, map it manually. We are working on fixing this issue to come up again in the future.

    If the game fails to start, please try to delete your "My Documents/" folder.

    For feedback, comments or anything alike, please use this thread: 0-4-1-x-Current-bugs-and-help-thread-0-4-1-0

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  2. Week 27 of 2015: Progress report

    4 Weeks Ago

    Here's some of our changes since the last release, we have some heavy background work going on so we will release the update when it's ready.

    • New and improved ABS system
    • G27 steering wheel RPM LEDs working
    • Added force-feedback defaults to Fanatec and T500RS wheels
    • New main menu background images - Higher quality and more appealing (work in progress)
    • Mouse buttons, axes, and wheel binding support (work in progress)

    • Fixed an issue where users could not define and audio device properly
    • Fixed negative values in colorpicker
    • Fixed some bugs in anisotropic beam code
    • Fix for suspension replacement disabling steering

    • Supercar Rally scenario fix
    • Fixed Island Tour scenario
    • T-Series: Fix for instability, fixed wandering steering
    • Jungle Rock Island: Airfield progress, new materials/textures, added a fort
    • Improvements to glass strength: 200BX, Bolide, Covet, D15, Grand Marshal, Moonhawk, Sunburst
    • New ABS tuning (to suit new system):200BX, Grand Marshal, Sunburst
    • 200BX: Tweaked parking brake, stiffened tie rods
    • Bolide: Fixed doors colliding with fenders, stiffened chassis
    • D15: Increased front suspension damping
    • Grand Marshal: Stiffened chasssis and rear door hinge, fixed dashboard mesh stretching
    • Sunburst: Stiffened door hinges, headlights, tierods, added non ABS rally brakes
    • Van: Fixed rear view mirror mesh stretching, increased front suspension damping

    Wiki updates:
    • pressureWheels Wiki page added
    • flexBodies Wiki page improved, multiDAE incorporated
    • Beams Wiki page improved

    Work in progress:
    • DirectX 11: This will enable us in the future to use more powerful features. For the near time we will just make it work - no fancy things.
    • OpenAL Soft soundsystem supposed to replace the DirectSound Soundsystem. It's supposed to be more stable and has more features (looking into HRTF)
    • Physics Mesh handling redesign: one step closer to push things to the GPU

    -stay tuned

    Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 07:51 PM by tdev

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  3. Version released


    • Improved Performance Helping: Better guidance with performance problems
    • Ability to disable inter-vehicle collision for low performance systems resulting in nearly doubled performance.
    • Auto hide dashboard after 15 seconds without focus
    • Added a years filter to vehicle selector: Allows you to filter vehicles by manufacture date
    • Added Advanced Mode: Hides some more advanced functions like the debug mode, etc in the user interface by default
    • User presets in Colorpicker
    • Now hiding the Tacho in cockpit mode
    • Added Bananabench to the game user interface (under Help > Performance)
    • 2-5% physics core speedup
    • The console application now accepts and forwards command line arguments
    • The Modmanager can now unpack/pack and open mods for easier mod creation - always backup your files - this feature is work in progress

    • Force Feedback working again
    • The game now tries to create a profile in the Nvidia settings to enforce the usage of the dedicated graphics card
    • Fixed backward compatibility only working the first time, but not when the game is restarted
    • Fixed physics stress debug mode
    • Fix for mods with a space in the folder path
    • ABS indicator fix
    • Converted remote controller to an extension, not loaded on startup by default anymore
    • Fixed luasocket sandbox allowing the broadcast address now
    • Bananabench: Reduced the error rate by increasing the steps
    • Fixes for missing hydros in jbeam
    • Fixed possible problem with background image which rendered the complete game not working

    • H-Series: Fixed cab instability
    • Moonhawk: Improved door flexbody spike and deformation, self collision issues, rear bumper jiggle
    • Vanster: Tweaked driveshaft strength, corrected steering lock, improved off-road tires
    • D15: Improved off-road tires
    • 200BX: Durability tweaks, windshield mesh error, widebody quarterpanel UV mapping corrected
    • Tilt Board: Model updates
    • Gavril T-Series: Jbeam overhaul, improving performance.
    • Jungle Rock Island: progress (roads, port, tunnels, lighthouse and more)
    • Skyboxes converted to dds file format

    Updated 06-27-2015 at 03:30 PM by tdev

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  4. Version released


    • Added a mod manager - more info here:
    • Dashboard is now hidden in the UI Editor, making it easier to position elements
    • Spacebar now binded to handbrake
    • Improved Xbox controller inputmap
    • Slightly faster bindings search
    • Show last used binding in Controls menu, for quick access
    • The virtual filesystem (responsible for zip loading) is now case insensitive. This improves backward compatibility a lot.

    • Improved backward compatibility for old mods a lot: case insensitive filenames in zips and dynamic mounting into the correct place if the vehilces/ or levels/ folder are missing inside the zip
    • Disabled advanced debug text drawing by default
    • Fixed inability to use certain keys for bindings (e.g. space bar)
    • Fixed Steam taking screenshots with random keys
    • Fixed inability to modify a binding twice in a row
    • 'Revert' binding button works again
    • Prevent duplicated bindings in several situations
    • Added user path fallback if the user path is not writeable
    • Fixed VSync on startup
    • Removed unneeded sound providers for now, fixes the XAudio_.dll error.
    • The launcher will now check if DirectX is installed properly instead of the program failing with "The application is unable to start correctly"
    • Fixed DirectX error messages while in fullscreen: were behind the game
    • fixed launcher backing up the log files and creating empty folder when there was nothing to back up :|
    • Disabled automatic writing of updates of materials.cs files when a material is not found and generated on the fly: fixes the random levels/ and vehicles/ folders in the user path
    • Fixed Force feedback being broken on certain hardware: It tried to send forces to the keyboard ... :| (seriously, FFB on a keyboard?!)

    • Fixed Skycurve 2 sorting
    • Added various missing preview images
    • Converted flares to .dds texture format for performance increase
    • Jungle Rock Island: Progress on roads
    • 200BX: Added "custom" config, ABS for higher trim levels, strut bar, custom wheels & improved bumper deformation
    • Sunburst: Fixed incorrect collision triangles, improved bumper deformation, improved a-pillar deformation
    • Grand Marshal: Improved bumper deformation, improved a-pillar deformation

    EDIT: Force feedback was temp. removed until we fix the crash to desktop with the next update.

    Updated 06-15-2015 at 08:30 PM by tdev

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  5. Version released


    • Added Brake Proportioning Valves
    • Improved AI's path planning
    • Custom filtering allowed to all kind of controls instead of only axis
    • Automatically switch to manual gearbox when possible if using a hardware shifter (G27 and alike)
    • Improved Vehicle Selection

    • Fixed a problem causing the game to launch in a higher resolution / refresh rate than the display supports
    • Fixed V-Sync option not working properly: previosuly your windowed framerate could be higher than the fullscreen one. Please check if your vsync is on/off now.
    • Fixed a problem with the forest causing stuttering gameplay
    • Improved imposters generation
    • Added non-writable user path fallback: If the game cannot write to "My Documents" it will choose a folder relative to the installation folder as fallback
    • Fixed water reflecting debug objects
    • Fixed a problem causing the 'Controls' screen to become unresponsive or lag
    • Fix for scroll in the FFB's window for smaller resolutions
    • Fixed chat usernames not working

    • Jungle Rock Island: More progress
    • Bolide: Improved dashboard deformation
    • Sunburst: Various fixes and improvements
    • Covet: Fixed collapsing suspension, improved roof stiffness
    • 200BX: Improved roof stiffness and various durability tweaks

    Updated 06-08-2015 at 09:21 AM by Nadeox1

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