• About Us

    Our goals

    Our main focus is on how things move rather than how things look on the screen. We aim to bring our expertise in real time soft-body physics and soft-body physics model design to the forefront of game physics simulation, making available the technology and know-how to as a wide an audience as possible. To achieve this, we are designing the engine and corresponding assets, so as to be independent of the underlying game engine and Operating System.

    Our mission

    To have realistic, accurate, destructible and malleable physics everywhere. To make anything possible.

    Contact Us

    You can get in touch with us in several ways:
    E-Mail us: info@beamng.com
    Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/beamng
    Subscribe to our YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/beamng
    Visit our FaceBook page: facebook.com/BeamNGPhysics