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Little Sneak Peak

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, 01-24-2014 at 06:27 AM (23280 Views)
Along with many other GUI improvements, we now have a new main menu

Name:  menu.gif
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UPDATE: UI preview now online in our new BeamNG.ui project:

Direct link to main menu preview

Updated 01-24-2014 at 09:21 PM by tdev

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  1. juju's Avatar
    This is awesome, looking good! Great work!
    Is that snow in the background? O:
  2. daniel_j's Avatar
    Loving it so far
  3. vicvega's Avatar
    Looking good! Snow will affect handling, right?
  4. Wallman_91's Avatar
    Snow!? Awesome guys!
  5. Incognito's Avatar
  6. JDMClark's Avatar
    Maybe when u highlight over something it becomes beamng orange and when not its beamng blue
  7. Hiddengamer's Avatar
    Omg. Soo beautiful. I love it so much. Simple and effective
  8. Insanegaz's Avatar
    Simple but great looking and looking forward to the snow will be in the Race update?
  9. destroyer8769's Avatar
    This is amazing I'm so excited for the race update
  10. Nadeox1's Avatar
    YES. YES. YES.

    More details about the Repository Button?
    Updated 01-24-2014 at 12:44 PM by Nadeox1
  11. e345spd's Avatar
    Looks pretty fancy
  12. Cardinal799's Avatar

  13. Davidbc's Avatar
  14. Cardinal799's Avatar

    But seriously before this gets to that picture, lets just agree that this update better curve our swerves (Rock our socks, cut our buzz, etc.)
  15. n0ah1897's Avatar
    Amazing! I can't wait.
  16. logoster's Avatar
    OMG, YES , also, reopsitory button? :O, so does that mean the repository is going to be coming back, at the same time of update release? also, looks like snow in the background, ooo, speaking of weather, what about rain? and if there is rain, how realistic? (like, is it like, ETS2 rain, so it actually looks like its on the window, and is there also going to be windshield wiper's so you can get the rain off (and of course, if the rain is realistic, it also looking as if its actually wiping the rain off (meaning the rain in the parts of the windshield not in range of the wiper's not being affected))))
  17. TommyBoy16's Avatar
    Looks awesome!
  18. jeffbox's Avatar
    1GB of update is coming.
  19. TeaMenV's Avatar
    Nobody likes a tease
  20. Autofan's Avatar
    YES a Repository! And snow! Can't Wait!
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