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Look what i found in the forums (created by user DrowsySam)

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, 01-28-2014 at 07:33 PM (8199 Views)
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Original Post: Development-Screens-(Each-post-contains-a-picture-OR-contributing-post-)

Updated 01-28-2014 at 08:03 PM by tdev

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  1. davikasy's Avatar
    Deseando probar ese helicoptero Espero que pronto sea estable las vigas de Beamng y no tirite tanto los autos. tenga un mejor sistema de realismo para disfrutar un l g27 =) buen trabajo chicos ^^

    very good work ^^ waiting new updates
  2. gmaksi83's Avatar
    This guy incredible...awesome works
  3. Occam's Razer's Avatar
    Was it really even necessary to clarify who made it? It wouldn't faze me if Sam made a flying saucer. In real life.
  4. ultranew_b's Avatar
    Awesome work Sam !
  5. DrowsySam's Avatar
    Woo thanks for featuring it in the Dev Blogs!

    And thanks to everyone else too!
  6. AbdulAziz's Avatar
    DrowsySam is awesome!
  7. gjenck's Avatar
  8. Alex Cluff's Avatar
    so when is he going to be added to the dev team? anyway, keep up the good work devs and sam.
  9. Randjo's Avatar
    Hey..... I am jared, and i am new on this post. i saw the video starting around the "0:39" second mark and..... well...... it reminds me of something. Has anyone on this forum ever played Call of Duty: Black Ops? To me, playing the video there reminded me of one scene from the game. respond or something if you want me to elaborate.


    Jared (or Randjo, if you go by my account name!)
    And no, i'm not a creep (or whatever internet dae-mons you fear! ). So don't worry.

    Anyways, thanks again.
  10. WacKEDmaN's Avatar


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