First hotfix for 0.16 released

With today’s hotfix we are deploying fixes and enhancements to version 0.16. Building on the already released audio improvements we are releasing a tuning app for engine sounds as well as some additional adjustments to exhaust and impact sound effects. The Italy map is receiving some bug fixes which will result in fewer shredded tires and more pleasant terrain appearance in some areas. On the vehicle side various models have had fixes applied to correct deformation and camera placement errors as well as configuration and appearance issues.

Notice: In order to address an on-going issue with the game UI we have flagged GPU usage of the UI as experimental. This will now require manual toggling in the options screen. While the majority of users should not experience issues with this option enabled, a small subset of users may encounter issues when playing the game with this option active.

Notice: With this release we are deprecating the dropdown functionality of the UI. Any custom UI elements that use dropdown menus will need to be updated.






Instructions on how to update the game here.


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