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somewhere over the rainbow
being slightly less than average


from somewhere over the rainbow

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    somewhere over the rainbow
    being slightly less than average
    MONDAY, DEC 4, 2017
    I was the 42069th profile post
    This momentous event occurred on @BruceManBatWayne’s profile

    “If we don’t study the mistakes of the future, then we’re doomed to make them in the first place”
    -Ken M
    I’m a RoR-er now, I don’t spend much time on this forum anymore. That’s probably okay.

    what about a tesla? sure! well a prius is the same just less expen- die

    Why does everybody put quotes in their signatures? I just dont get it. -Me 2016
    "This section is called ideas and suggestions. Of course he's giving out an idea for other people to work on. That's the whole purpouse of this sub-section you bufoon" -Tony Bamanebeao
    "So I took my Hummer drag racing" -Doug DeMuro
    "A TukTuk Does Donuts Around a Tank" -FailRace
    "Just a roller skating grand tour. All over the ironic power."-Jeremy Clarkson
    "The problem with stupid people is that they're stupid." -HaloMastermind117
    "eeeeeeeeeeeeeh RINGA DINGA RINGA DINGA RINGA RINGA WINGA DINGA good times"-Regular Car Reviews
    "Which Ford is best Ford?" -Regular Car Reviews
    "My Ford is best mailbox"-Regular Car Reviews.
    My dream is to be in somebody's sig :p-whatitmeansome
    I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed-Steve Harwell
    Hey, don’t throw that paper in the recycling, that’s a waste.-me, unfortunately
    I need to buy a snowblower-me 6 months of the year
    Ford is better than Chevy-intelligent people
    BeamNG drive!-Jota3214
    rp cars yo: custom T-Series with a flatbed trailer
    normal cars when I get the game: Bruckell LeGran w/ camper, Gavril Grand Marshal Luxe, Gavril Roamer, and then my old beater covet that just kinda sits by the side of the house unless all three of my other cars give up at the same time. Also, the covet is for sale. $800 and it's yours.

    Rest in Peace, Narwhal
    You will not be forgotten

    Specs: Coming Soon, check profile page


    Celebrating 2 years of making non-contributing posts where I shouldn’t be making non-contributing posts. Thank you to all of you who make it interesting.
    sig below
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