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Jun 11, 2020
Aug 24, 2014

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Seattle, Washington
Doing absolutely nothing


from Seattle, Washington

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Jun 11, 2020
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    Seattle, Washington
    Doing absolutely nothing
    he/his | attempting to mod BeamNG | mentally and hearing impaired
    If i'm not online, i'm probably doing one of these things:
    • Doing absolutely nothing
    • Sleeping
    • Working
    • Some other thing
    • Or any of them combined
    and probally procrastinating working on the current mod
    • Some very low effort maps
    • Some low effort scenario

    • 1999 Baiern Coupesport: Direct Convert from SLRR

    Planned Mods (All probably really low priority, more like a wishlist/idea list):
    • Low Poly Car Pack: A set of low poly cars made for use with traffic
    • Engine Swaps: Engines from other vehicles, in other vehicles
    • Sunburst+: More parts for the Sunburst
    • BeamNG.wanted: Improved police system with threat levels and more police configs
    • 2017 Ibishu Pessima: Clone of the current-gen Honda Accord
    • 2012 Fait 1450: Clone of the (new) Fiat 500
    • 2005 ETK J-Series: Clone of the BMW E34
    • Delino Anti-Tank Mine: A landmine, when a car goes over it, it explodes into a ball of flames, destroying the vehicle
    • 1999 Hirochi Modular Sports Car (MSC): Clone of the Nissan Skyline R34
    Mod Policy:
    You are free to mod, edit, and expand on any of my mods, as long they do NOT conflict with the game or the base mod

    DO NOT REUPLOAD (to any external site)

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.6 GHz
    • GPU: NVidia GTX 980 @ idk GHz
    • Memory: 20 GB DDR4 RAM (no not the nepunia character, and not the rhythm game)
    • OS: Windows 10 Pro.
    • Motherboard: Some motherboard (need to check)
    • Storage: 1 TB Hard Drive, with 128 GB SSD, 450 GB Hard Drive, and a crappy laptop 300 GB hard drive.
    • Main Display: AOC 2367M @ 1920x1080px
    • Keyboard: Wooting two
    Switches: Adomax Flaretech B Clicky55 (Clicky > Anything else)
    Keycaps: Whatever what the keyboard came with
    • Mouse: Red Dragon somthing (I don't really care about this mouse, just like it for the variable DPI).
    • Drawing Tablet: XP-Pen G640 (don't really use it often, only used it to play osu!, which I quit to play stepmania)
    • And some more goodies

    Game Settings:
    • 1920 x 1017 60hz, Windowed
    • 1.0x Gamma
    • Anti-aliasing, SSAO, Light Rays, and Depth of Field ON
    • Show all shadows
    • High Preset (SMAA, High Mesh Quality, Texture Quality, Lighting Quality, Shader Quality, and Post Processing Quality)
    • 16x Anisotropic Filtering
    • Max Grass Density
    • 6000x Max Tiremarks
    With all of this, I can get ~70 FPS on West Coast USA with one car.

    Font size guide (for funzies):
    Size 4 (Default)


    How to "destroy everyone else at races":
    1. Buy a racing wheel
    2. Main a Vivace and upgrade it to the max with 2000hp
    3. ????​
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