Mar 4, 2015

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May 5
Western New York
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    May 5
    Western New York
    "a member of my Yes, it is delicious hahahahahahah let me Sasa member" -Randers (AKA Ivan lochcov) 12/26/17 (on Community Screenshots)

    "have a shitty year too bitch lasagna xd
    dont drunk too much alcool drunk only tasti cola" - kaiser imnop 12/31/17 (on Community Screenshots)

    "why is there a nadeox1 meme in there? If you are bullying him, you'll get some very tasty ban from me. He did not do anything in here for some days now." - tdev 1/1/18 (on Community Screenshots)

    "Huh... Who the hell buys a truck for the city and puts a lift kit on it?"
    - Srockzz 1/30/18 (on Pure Roleplay)

    "No." - Nadeox1 2/20/18 (on Forum changes)

    "And guess what! News flash.
    Nobody cares that you have a penis or not. Or if you had one and now don't. Keep it to yourself." - BombBoy4 2/21/18 (on Forum Changes)

    "No pic because I can." - Nadeox1 2/27/18 (on Community Screenshots)

    "does i worck yes or no" - ludo-A113 3/9/18 (on Community Screenshots)

    "do not never drink accahole and drive or do not text while driving" - carsmin 3/31/18 (on Community Screenshots)


    • 1956 Willys Pickup (3-Speed Manual, Flathead I6 "Super Hurricane") [35" Interco Boggers, Full Rollcage, YJ 2.5" Lift Leaf Springs Front/XJ 4" Lift Leaf Springs Rear]
    • 1995 Jeep Cherokee (5-Speed Manual, 4.0 I6 HO) [33" BF Goodrich Mud-Terrains, Cold Air Intake, 3.5" Lift] {Soon to be re-done}
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