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  1. DriftinCovet1987 attached a file to the thread My BeamNG.drive LEGO Cars (possibly doing these on Brick Rigs).

    So, after a long, long while, I'm back in action building Beam LEGO cars, everyone. 1987 Ibishu Pigeon Base Being my personal favorite...

    GEDC0070.jpg GEDC0065.jpg GEDC0066.jpg GEDC0067.jpg GEDC0068.jpg GEDC0069.jpg GEDC0083.jpg GEDC0084.jpg GEDC0085.jpg GEDC0087.jpg GEDC0088.jpg GEDC0100.jpg GEDC0102.jpg GEDC0103.jpg GEDC0104.jpg GEDC0105.jpg GEDC0107.jpg Apr 20, 2019 at 4:03 AM
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