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    Hello. Welcome to my profile pic.

    I like playing BeamNG.Drive and I like talking on the BeamNG forum. I also like listening to music. I have autism, I think older cars look better then modern cars, I change my profile pic on here quite often, plus my opinions on things tend to change quite often. I live in the fine country of America.

    I regret some of my earlier posts. I also invest that brain energy of mine into spreading my opinions out into paragraphs. Thanks Srockzz. I'm interested in a super obscure christian grindcore band called Eternal Mystery.

    "But Grind86, how did you find out about a really obscure band that only has a few hundred listeners or so?"

    I found out about Eternal Mystery while I was reading a list called "Bands I Violently Hate" on

    Things I hate/fear:

    Racists and racist groups
    Flying stinging insects

    Things I like/love:

    Pretty women
    Older car bodies

    I don't care much for BeamNG.Drive gaming videos, at least not anymore. I have a parent that controls my posts, so I do apologize if my posts sound like they are written by an 8-year old. I would love to make my posts sound more mature and less childish. I don't know how to make any BeamNG.Drive cars besides Automation Vehicles. I like cats more then dogs. I also enjoy new BeamNG.Drive updates.

    R.I.P Narwhal
    R.I.P GotNoSable! (on the BeamNG forums, not in real life I don't think)


    I used to be known as GWMan. appesh1, you're awesome.
    "Hammond, you idiot." Jeremy Clarkson
    "You bloody idiot. Why did you think 2 batteries was the right solution?" Jeremy Clarkson
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