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thicc thighs


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    thicc thighs
    I only can be so tall...

    Say hello to the MDX!:

    My favorite Slipknot songs from each album they have:
    1. Purity, Diluted, and (sic) - Self-titled
    2. The Heretic Anthem, My Plague, and Metabolism - Iowa
    3. Vermilion, Duality, and Pulse of the Maggots - 3.
    4. Til We Die, Gehenna, and Wherein Lies Continue - All Hope Is Gone
    5. The Negative One, Skeptic, and Nomadic - 5.
    6. (N/A until 6th album is released and all songs are published)
    Now, I have an IGCD account!

    A story of the Begums I made up some months ago:
    Beatrix "Metalhead" Begum was born in April 1st, 1971. She was born in Letterston, Wales, as she was born in her child-hood house with a friend that happened to be an professional nurse. She had an father (Lachlan), an mother (Godelina), and an uncle (Trevor). The father was an manager at Harp Inn, the uncle was an cook at the same workplace as the father, and the mother was an cashier at Today's News. They had two cars, an 1965 Morris 1100 (Mk. I) for the mother, and surprisingly, the uncle had an '60 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite....

    They then moved to Swansea, Wales when she was 10. She found her mother's car very enjoyable, and thought of that as an dream car... but that didn't last so long. Her new home at 34 Islwyn Road was an step-up from her home back in Letterston, being even better than before and being easy to adapt....

    When she was 17 (1988), she wanted to take her mom's 1100 out for an drive after succeeding in her driving school. Since she was new to driving cars, her mother taught how to maneuver it, and she was able to drive it almost like her mother. At that time, his uncle switched his Sprite for an newer Austin, an 1983 Maestro Vanden Plas. It was not as amazing as the Sprite, but the car was decent for their tastes. An year later, 2 days before Beatrix was accepted for Swansea University, her mother passed away after receiving cirrhosis (2 months ago), so she asked an friend who paints cars to paint red stripes onto the sides of the Morris, and have her nickname "Gode" written in-front of the stripes as dedication to her....

    In March 1st, 1991, she found an car that would be her "actual" first car. Since she was interested in German cars, she was thinking of an BMW, but not just any regular BMW, an E30. Then, that day, she was able to buy one of the best E30s around; Beatrix bought an 1990 325ix sedan. When she came back to campus next day, her friends and even her economics teacher decided to view her BMW, and she got a lot of appreciation. She bought the E30 because she was reading in the newspapers that the 325ix was one of the best E30s, and an really good BMW. That immediately gave her idea to buy exactly that. Even after graduation, she still was able to maintain it... but one day, in June 21st, 1993, her car was stolen by an notorious man named Carbry Burns, but then immediately was dead after crashing into an semi trailer, exploding into flames and decimating the BMW and trailer two hours after he obtained the vehicle. She was upset that her prized car was stolen, and destroyed in an rough way....

    A day later, she bought an 1991 Ford Bronco, with an RHD conversion. At first she thought was an nice SUV, but then driving it until February 10th, 1996, she found it an gas-guzzler and cumbersome for the roads of Wales, so she bought another car, going back to German cars....

    The same day she sold the Bronco, she bought an 1994 Mercedes-Benz C220, which was something she definitely needed, and exceeded her expectations. Two months later, on the same day, she married to Callum Brus (Then to be Callum Begum), and he was able to accept the car as it was, but in December 24th, during an hailstorm, pieces of hail punctured the transmission, and they pulled the car to the side very quickly. Luckily, a day before, the Begums won the lottery with 2,000,000 dollars, so they were able to get something Callum always dreamed of...

    On the day of Christmas, Beatrix got him his dream car as an present, an 1974 Buick Apollo. It was stock, and was an Apollo 350, but Callum fell in love with it. He loved it to the extent of keeping it for a long time, and yes... he had the car ever since, and never had changed it at all. He loved everything about it, and always made sure to check the car before using it, and will always report to an mechanic of any issues he notices with the car.

    As for Beatrix, she then bought an 2000 Audi RS4 Avant in 2003 when she had her daughter a week ago, Clover. She had the car prepared with an car seat, because of the dangers that might've happened if an crash were to come. But in January 2017, she finally took an old car, but one that would serve both of them, and would be passed down for Clover when she got old enough to drive... an 325ix Touring. Unlike the sedan, she had enough cargo space to fit other items if they were to shop, and Clover fell in love with the car. Just like Callum, she still owns the car since Clover is currently not at the right age, and that she hasn't changed plans ever since. Her company, Beat-B Shoes, has been an success, and has been giving the Begums a lot of profit, even sharing them with the remains of her family, her father and her uncle, still in decent condition even after multiple years.

    As for the uncle, he followed the brother (father) and decided to buy an BMW too, but an modern one, an 2012 BMW 3-Series. Since January 3rd, 2018, they had the car in an clean and drive-able condition and has done well for the two.

    Lastly, the Morris that the deceased mother owned is now an memorial symbol, in front of her gravestone. It has never been driven since 1991, and has stayed that way ever since.

    A leak of Glitchy eating spaghetti.

    I now have a imgbb account:
    I also got myself a reddit account.

    Mac Tonight:

    I'm first planning to make a Gavril Alpha (1972-1978) mod.

    Here's the singles from the Canadian band Beast:

    I'm a fan of rock/metal, old-school rap and classic pop.

    (I 100% agree with this review)

    (Kudos to Godzilla! for the edited image)

    NOTE: I don't have any modding experience currently, keep in mind.

    Random quotes:
    Unfortunately for you, you have already managed to post some pretty stupid comments which has wasted my time and is why you are currently getting scolded by the creator of this thread, which must be pretty embarrassing.
    This looks like a fucking rock show. Shit!
    Coming soon to a dank valley near you.
    ...I'm not feeling 110% myself.
    Fucking Fenneko.
    There can be only one annoying Canadian pretty boy!
    ass is donkey
    ..when it bigger out?

    bugger devs:

    Can't really say much about myself, really...


    OLD SUNBURST OR RIOT!!! - Ytrewq
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