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May 3, 1999 (Age: 22)
Sydney, NSW AUS


22, from Sydney, NSW AUS

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    May 3, 1999 (Age: 22)
    Sydney, NSW AUS



    "F*ck, bearings are fried. Ain't crispy no mo" - Theotis beasley

    "The price of tea in China is directly proportional to the spelling of the word that no one knows, because the tires wear out. I have been to the underneath from someone tells me. There is a Gorgonzola plus two around the backside. My thumb is sore."
    -Mike folgers

    "Kinky" - DirtnastysidewayZ

    Hi everybody!

    As has been the title is revealed, we will deal with the air bags.
    I think their king would look like if the airbag in the car is opened.
    (And I would also like to know where you are "balloons" mounted in the car.)
    The idea for the time being unfounded, the animation did not know whether I should
    solved, or how much speed. I'm waiting for ideas! - Magyareinstein02. (AKA broken english machine.)

    In response to Benjamin tam's post "Remember when the bruckell road cruiser fiasco happened?" SixSixSevenSeven Replied "Says the cancer trying to resurrect it". This man is a genius. i have to say. One of the best people on the forums by far..

    "People are people hence why it must be that I hate the wretched c*nts so fervently" - Dan arch

    "When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score" - Holly johnson.

    "they threw the meat at my friend and missed and there was poo on the floor" - The best google review of all time

    "Dam it i got to go to the hospital" - Jamesgemma500

    "One time my friend was masturbating nude in his computer chair and he sharted." - Namegenerated

    "This flat, what the f*ck truck" - Whybeare,

    i7 980x Power! Beamng Drive is one of the best games ComicSans

    "I went out to see if i could raise a laugh again, yeah that was my mistake. why that was my mistake"
    -Split Enz 1977

    "Poo I have nothing similar to photoshop... Thats Real poo" - John Beat

    "When did i become a noodle?" - Supernoob05

    "11/10 holly tames a tiger and amy winehouse is in 2 places at once." - Hans krebs loves fish

    “I was the rebellious one.” - Maxene Andrews

    Damn that's a nice hair flick 1981 Simon LeBon!

    "i aint having it!" - photonicinduction

    "Nothing gets you going like a juicy pussy!" - ashens

    "what sorry blender isn't that what you make smoothe?" - pathole

    "Yeah, well i'm a member of the waffen ss who lives with hitler in the bunker And i like modern music!" - Guy on youtube

    "We won world war 2 for a reason" - ironic shitposting is still shitposting

    "Fight shooting game with pretty girls" - megami strike 1943

    "You've got wood in an evo" - moog

    "oxygofishafacematerialsotosis" - Linus tech tips

    "Vehicle stimulator" - crappy russian mod site

    "The power table" - Nerdcubed

    "Nuclear spaghetti" - ashens

    This is how i'm supposed to be, in a land of make believe, that don't believe in me.

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