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Jul 1, 2018

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Earth, Sol
Being a Wentward B60 bus


from Earth, Sol

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May 23, 2022
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    Earth, Sol
    Being a Wentward B60 bus
    I'm a Wentward B60 bus! Feel free to ride in me some day, but please remember, exact fare only!

    Favourite BeamNG.drive vehicle:
    Wentward DT40L
    2nd favourite BeamNG.drive vehicle:
    Gavril T-Series
    Favourite colour(s):
    Orange, Burgundy, Dark Purple, and basically any other colour!
    Favourite game(s):
    BeamNG.drive, Midtown Madness 2, OMSI 2, Train Simulator 2019, T:ANE
    , Spintires, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Spintires: MudRunner, Train Fever, Fernbus Simulator, Cities in Motion, Transport Fever, Cities: Skylines, Crazy Taxi 3 and Crazy Taxi

    Some random quotes:

    "Dad, why does Magio the Magician have a chainsaw?" - Some little kid
    "Whereas, we aren't." - Myself, just now
    "Mom look, mom look! I just did a number 3 in the pot!" - Some toddler
    "I'd like pineapple, please." - Some teen, to the ice cream monger
    "My parents are actually confusing me literally on purpose!" - Some texter
    "Let's just say... I borrowed it." - Some greedy wanna-be millionaire
    "Freeze! The power of M-300 Railcar compels you, and will leave you breathing your way to destiny!" - Me, just now
    "Freeze!" - Some policeman
    "Stand back eager footmen, and let me, do the talkin'. Uhhhh... hi, I guess?" - Some flashy wanna-be cool dude
    "Zoinks!" - Shaggy Rogers, Scooby-Doo
    "Oh... my... god!!" - Janice, Friends
    "Good evening everybody!" - Norm Peterson, Cheers
    "Cute 'n' cuddly, boys!" - Skipper, Penguins of Madagascar
    "I'd like a ticket," - Passenger, Bus & Cable Car Simulator
    "Hahaha! Wouldn't you like to know!" - Some evil moron
    "A TICKET?!" - Angry Passenger, Bus & Cable Car Simulator
    "Ehehehehe...! Uh-huh! Hehehe!" - Kimples the Clown, 2018
    "Onwards! But stalky, surely." - Bunrich Garrison (me, undercover)
    "Noice" - Alex_The_Gamer
    "Goodnight everybody!" - Yakko Warner, Animaniacs
    "Guh-huh!" - Banjo, Banjo-Kazooie

    A funny conversation as a bonus for you reading this far into some stranger's description:

    Some guy: "Uh, what bus is this?"
    Bus driver: "This is the Hop12, to Brixham."
    Some guy: "No, I meant what BUS this is. So, what bus is this?"
    Bus driver: "Uhhh.... Enviro 400 MMC...?"
    Some guy: "Thanks!"
    Bus driver: "Huh... no problem."

    Thanks for reading!
    *cuts stream*


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