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1.8 DOHC ZiS for Pessima 1.2/BNGDv0.10.0.1

Cheaper than 2.0

  1. the car variator
    includes the ZiS engine+Chip@Turbo for ZiS&base 1.8+some configs 18_z_sport_zis_m.png 18_z_sport_zis_Race_m.png DX_crazy_turbo.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixing to new version

Recent Reviews

  1. jronny2
    Version: 1.2/BNGDv0.10.0.1
    hmmm its like the AE85 of the pessima sooo... itsuki buy this (initial D fan XD)

    its very powerfull when vtak kick in yo for a 1.8 engine

    11/10 IGV (I Got Vtec)
  2. J creeper
    J creeper
    Version: 1.2/BNGDv0.10.0.1
  3. Gnarlex™
    Version: 1.0
    Good, theres a grammar error in the subtitle though :D Sorry to be a smartass, but its friendly not firendly :D
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