'19 Apex Rattlesnake 9400 GT 1.0

Finesse over Brute Force

  1. Daaxoo
    '19 Apex Rattlesnake 9400 GT

    Not to be outdone by it's biggest rival, the Apex company has put out it's own model of a large muscle car, the Rattlesnake, to directly compete with the Black Mamba from Brzinski, at identical price-tag, 60,000$ . Unlike the brute-force approach of it's competitor, the Rattlesnake is a much more well rounded design. AWD powertrain for controllability and handling, using a naturally aspirated engine for more consistent power delivery, while it has only around 1/3rd the power of it's rival, it puts that power on the road much more efficiently.



    1. Screenshot182.png
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