1930's Pickup Truck 1.0

Straight outta The Great Depression, this ole' thing still runs, it's a miracle.

  1. lonewolf1247
    This ole' thing survived The Great Depression and still runs! It's quite a miracle and I don't want a disease so I am giving this ole' dusty rusted piece of scrap to you.
    Automation Stats:
    77.6 Horsepower @ 4400 RPM
    Top Speed: 57 MPH
    Weighs: 1800 LBS


    1. BeamNGdrive-015057940-RELEASE-x642_27_201910_01_19PM.png
    2. BeamNGdrive-015057940-RELEASE-x642_27_201910_01_36PM.png
    3. BeamNGdrive-015057940-RELEASE-x642_27_201910_04_48PM.png
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