1931 Gavril Phanta 1.2 public

1930s one seater race car ish thing

  1. Lordlichi2006
    1931 Gavril Phanta
    A 1930s classic race car, simple, not reliable and old.
    screenshot_2022-06-08_21-57-59.png screenshot_2022-06-08_21-59-20.png screenshot_2022-06-08_22-01-05.png


    2 Frames: One with rear suspension and one without rear suspension (just a axle soldered to a frame)
    2 Engines: 4.3 i4 ~100 hp
    5.1 i8 ~190 hp
    screenshot_2022-03-10_21-50-18.png screenshot_2022-03-10_21-50-53.png

    (Engine sounds are vanilla but edited)
    Side pipe muffler, only for i4
    Spare wheel carrier
    3 sets of Wheels:
    Type 1
    Type 2
    Type 3
    Thats about it!;)
    If you have any problems, please dont leave a bad review, dm me on discord ( Lordlichi06#8394 ) or in https://discord.gg/bASsbVqrkZ
    If you wanna support me, i have a patreon

    Note: i started this proyect 6+ months ago so it doesnt reflect my actual quality, depending on the support for the mod i will update my older errors
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Recent Reviews

  1. bussin.buses
    Version: 1.2 public
    Plz update! 1!11!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1
    1. Lordlichi2006
      Author's Response
      i have it on hold, i did some stuff for the 1.3, make engine models, remastered body model and more stuff, dont have a lot of motivation atm
  2. oioioioo
    Version: 1.2 public
    Still a few quality issues, but now that the rear end has been fixed this thing is an absolute joy to drive. Still bouncy and unstable, but that's the fun! (And it's realistic for that age and style vehicle)
  3. Cesa210
    Version: 1.2 public
    Please keep adding more for this awesome mod, there are so few classic cars on this game.
  4. DogTheLog
    Version: 1.2 public
    I love pre war cars! I'd love to see more
  5. frigoff
    Version: 1.1 public
    A rear sway bar would make this thing top notch, otherwise its pretty friggin cool
  6. myfabi94
    Version: 1.1 public
    I love it. Would love it even more if it got some GN-Thunderbug-Style Mods. Meaning Mega V-2 and Chaindrive to a Non-Differential Rear Axle.
    Given its 1931 Date, it could have fitted two Wright R-1820 Cylinders of 3.35l each in a V-2 of 6.7l and given the Numbers for old N/A Versions of the Engine a Power Output of 100hp at 2200rpm.
    Such an Engine would actually be surprisingly light given all Aluminium Construction and the Air-Cooling.
    And it doesn't have sound as much as it does singular Bangs in quick succession.

  7. hwf0712
    Version: 1.1 public
    Instantly one of my favourite mods, it fills a niche (pre war race cars), drives fun, and like nothing else. Nothing with it feels *wrong* except the suspension (that's already being addressed-and it isn't even that bad). I'm hoping further development can make this a must have (if it isn't already), like with some skins and hopefully even more engines (imagine some early Offenhausers making 250 horsepower and revving to >5k RPM in this!)
  8. vincentkanin
    Version: 1.1 public
    Great Mod But Why Are The Taillights White?
  9. G-Farce
    Version: 1.1 public
    Love that you made something oldschool hotrod inspired. Looks very interesting indeed. Got my eye on you :)
  10. elcamino
    Version: 1.1 public
    I've been with this mod since you posted the forum for it but one more thing would be nice. a rear licence plate would be nice.
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