1942 Walter AT 2.0

Totally not a Jeep Willys ripoff

  1. RY4NDY
    (note: this is my first Automation car, so it's probably far from perfect)

    Mechanics-wise it is a close to the real one as I could get it (e.g. same engine size/type/performance, same drivetrain and same top speed), although the wheels are a bit smaller as on the real one since I couldn't make them any bigger in Automation in 1946.

    It comes in 3 versions:

    From left to right: Military, Civilian, Fire Engine.

    Military version:

    The military version has al sorts of equipment like tow hooks and fuel cans and such, just like the real ones I found images of do.

    It comes in 2 colors; Olive Drab and Desert (although the roof color isn't changable to something other then green, so Desert color looks a bit wierd).

    Civilian version:

    Performance/drivetrain is the same as the other versions, but it has less equipment installed and has a tailgate added. For that reason the spare wheel has been moved to the side just like the real one had.

    It is available in 5 different colors; Yellow, Red, Orange, Green and Turquoise.

    Fire Engine version:

    It is essentially a modified Civilian variant, with various types of fire-fighting equipment added. It also (obviously) only comes in one color; Red.

    Sadly the ladder isn't the right kind and therefore looks kind of wierd; I used the only ladder available (the one from the "80's Hero" firetruck mod), but it should've been a seperate wooden ladder.

    It's also suitable for drifting if you put it in 2wd mode with the rear diff locked :p

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  1. It has a name now
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