1946 Walter economy car pack 1.2

A small, I4-powered 40's car with 6 different variants, and a 50's V8-powered hot rod version of it.

  1. RY4NDY
    After making my first car (https://beamng.com/resources/40s-offroader.13622/) I wanted to re-use the almost-somewhat-replica engine I made for it in another vehicle, so I made this 1940's economy car powered by that engine.
    The brand name "Walter" is because the real-life engine is from a Willys MB, and I wanted a name that's kind of similar but not exactly the same.

    It comes in 5 different variants; from left to right: coupe, coupe convertible, sedan, wagon, sedan police and finally the custom V8-powered hot rod. (it's in a separate picture next to it since I added it later on).

    All of them (except police sedan and hot rod) come in 5 different colors; cream, red, orange, brown, light blue and dark blue.

    Note: due to Automation's limitations I couldn't make hot rod's exhausts actually function (since they're too close to the engine), so I've added some invisible exhausts hidden in the rear wheel wells which are the ones that actually work.

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  1. LoganARG
    Version: 1.1
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