1952 SKY Vice Admiral V12 Deluxe Ponton Sport Tudor Tourer 1.0

Because a giant luxury car needs a L O N G name, amirite?

  1. skyeyemx
    1952 SKY Vice Admiral V12
    Deluxe Ponton Sport Tudor Tourer
    A prestigious and capable car for the 1%.


    Alright, lemme break it down for ya:

    De Luxe - It's fancy
    Ponton - The hood's as wide as the wheels.
    Sport - It can drive faster than a cow.
    Tudor - Two-door but apparently "Tudor" is fancier.
    Tourer - A two-row bench seat convertible. (Not to be confused with the other Tourer car type, also known as a GT.)

    There you go. As you can already tell, I, CEO of SKY Industries, absolutely despise this name. But guess what - the boys down at Marketing keep nagging me that this thing will sell more with this long abomination of a name. I guess they forgot who pays the bills here.

    By the way, Martin from the Marketing team is now fired.


    It has an 8-liter V12 that craps out at 240 horsepower. The vehicle has a very luxurious interior made of leather that was not farmed by wage slaves in Angola (it was, in fact, from Zimbabwe). And it has a phonograph inside.

    By the way, if you actually daily drive one of these, you are automatically a knob.

    Pearlescent paintjob not guaranteed to function properly

    Now, reader; do the sensible thing. Buy four SKY Atoms. You don't need a Vice Admiral. Knobs do. Don't be a knob.

    Find more info on the Atom from this mailing address:


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