Unsupported 1953 Fort F100 6.9.19

An old pickup that has a great sounding V8 engine

  1. Kamil6020
    This is my first car made in Automation

    This old pickup does not go very well, it was only offered with a rear drive
    This crazy vehicle has a original V8 engine (engine from 1952) that is very powerful for this vehicle:cool:

    Strongly oversteer when driving slowly, and understeering with fast driving (steering at 90-100kph is still quite good :p)

    Last test drive [updated - in game] + screenshots [updated - automation only]

    default.png HighresScreenshot00002.png HighresScreenshot00005.png
    HighresScreenshot00006.png HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00003.png

    Sorry for description from google translator :(

    PSST - When you have any problem with mod, try clear vehicles cache

Recent Reviews

  1. Julex 112
    Julex 112
    Version: 1.6
    Nice car!!!
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