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Beta 1957~1961 Pre-facelift Gavril Bluebuck 0.0.5

Magnificent cruisers that hail from the late 50s.

  1. Fixed : frame no longer pokes out of the front bumper

    Fixed at last.
    Content update due as soon as I get my crap together.
  2. Indicators and reverse lights done; not much else. There will be a bigger update soon (I hope)

    Now you don't have to be a BMW driver while using the Bluebuck.
  3. Some fixes in the .dae file (sorry Synsol!)

    Just some renaming so that it's not as prone to being broken by updates.
  4. Little geometry fixes, as well as fixed config info errors

    Update V 0.0.2 : Small fixes on the front fenders, primarily shading issues. Fin taillamps also look slightly better.
  5. moderation fix

    removed Ui loading screen
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