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1959 PMI Spirit Vogue 'Superglide' 1.0

Luxury ute

  1. Private_Miros
    The 1956 PMI Roamer-Spirit utlity truck platform was the basis for both the PMI Roamer Country utility truck with the war truck derived inline-6 also used by the PMI Prospect, as well as for the PMI Spirit Vogue ute, a more luxuriously equipped V8 powered utility vehicle. Apart from engine and name, the whole suspension set up was also different. The PMI Spirit using modern independent front suspension, while the PMI Roamer used solid axle coils and offroad tires all-round.

    The 1959 'Superglide' was the top of the range for the Vogue model, equipped with the 2-speed automatic gearbox. Despite having only two gears (a short starter gear, and a long cruise gear) performance was more than adequate, helped by the 5 liter (305 cubic inch) V8, producing 160 horsepower (119 kilowatt) and 358 Newton-meter (248 foot pounds) of torque at the rear wheels.

    Suspension: F: Independent double wishbone; R: solid axle coils
    Engine: Cast Iron 305cu.in. V8 OHV-16, double-barrel carburated
    Drivetrain: Front-engined rear-wheel-drive
    Weight: 1500kg
    Top speed:167 kph (104 mph)
    Acceleration: 0-100 (0-61) in 12 seconds
    Fuel Economy: 16,4l/100km (14,3 US mpg) at 50 kph (30mph); 18l/100km (13,1 US mpg) at 80 kph (50mph)
    Braking performance: 80-0 (50-0): 47 meters
    Wheels: F/R: P175/110C14 122S

    (1956 PMI Roamer Country with inline-6 engine and 1957 PMI Spirt Vogue with V8 and 3-speed manual can be requested in the comments.)


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