1959 Serpent Beverly Sedan 1.0

A huge, American tail-finned 50's land-yacht.

  1. Secrane
    The 1960 Beverly has always been a car which I've enjoyed both driving and looking at, but I've always been more fascinated with the late 50's than the early 60's. On that note, I present the 1959 Serpent Beverly Sedan!


    Featuring the familiar face of the Beverly, the 1959 model is almost completely new. Every fixture has been looked over and refined, the rear end has been completely redone for a more 50's look. The lights now work both on the front and back, and it has an interior!


    The huge V8 engine does not get good miles per gallon, but c'mon, look at it. Not much can compete with this kind of style, and those tall tailfins. The 300-horsepower engine will still pull you around in maximum comfort.


    I hope you enjoy this car! It was a lot of fun to make, and is one of my personal favorites in BeamNG.

Recent Reviews

  1. ILoveOldCars
    Version: 1.0
    it reminds me mafia III btw very good car
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