1962 Severin SV4 VS 1.0

A French rear-engined sports sedan from the 60's

  1. Secrane
    In post-war Europe, a shortage of gas among other fuels and consumables led to the abandonment of large-displacement engines in favor of fancy technology and unique additions to automotive technology.

    With that intro over with, meet the Severin SV4 VS.

    The SV4 was Severin's entrance to the 60's, being first introduced in 1960. This is the '62 VS model, which stands for "Severin Voiture 4 Cylinder - Voiture Sportive". This means it's the sporty version of the SV4, being fitted with a 1.6 inline-4 engine producing 68 horsepower. Don't be fooled by the low power output - it weighs in at just 780 kg, and since it's rear engined it's more than happy to swing its tail out under hard cornering and is very happy to be driven hard!


    However, as a rear-engined car, it is also prone to snap oversteer and spin-outs. Watch it when you let off the gas and turn at the same time, as this will shift the weight to the rear and shove the rear out.

    The SV4 VS tops out at approx. 105 mph, and has a 4-speed manual transmission. Crash safety is... well, not really. It's the 60's, so you get brakes to help you crash slower if possible, I suppose. It can be quite tricky to drive if you leave your limits too quickly. Be careful on the lift-off, and remember this car values smoothness over roughness.

    Thank you for driving my car. I hope you enjoy it!

Recent Reviews

  1. Dorifto86
    Version: 1.0
    Very well made car and fun to drive on twisty roads. Great job!
    1. Secrane
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it.
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