1965 Harrison H-65 1

A coupe that might be fast.

  1. Grind86
    Introducing the '65 Harrison H-65. A somewhat popular car with high schoolers. The company Harrison was founded in 1964 in the good ol' US of A and made this car. The company managed to sell at least 200,000 of these cars and the company earned more then millions of dollars in revenue. Here's some pics, btw.

    screenshot_2021-01-20_18-18-27.png screenshot_2021-01-20_18-30-14.png screenshot_2021-01-20_18-31-55.png

    As always, love to hear feedback on this.

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  1. RobloxFan2
    Version: 1
    1. Grind86
      Author's Response
      LMAO. Thank you.
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