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1968 Gavard Alecto 1.0

A 60's rear-engined flat-6 sports car concept

  1. Rio_Grande
    In the late 1960's, Gavard built a concept car to test new experimental equipment and vehicle layouts. This culminated in the Gavard Alecto. The Alecto featured "ThinRimX" headlights, 4 Wheel independent suspension, an all aluminum flat 6 engine, wrapped in a sleek body.

    The project was discontinued with only 4 prototypes made, after R&D estimates deemed the car too expensive to manufacture. Technologies from the Alecto were implemented into the Gavard Rebel: https://www.beamng.com/resources/1975-gavard-rebel.8053/

    A quick run down of the specifications:

    3.3L Boxer 6 engine, 137hp, 176 ft.lbs
    4 speed manual overdrive transmission
    Double wishbones front and rear
    2200 lb. curb weight

    As with any rear engined car. it can be a bit of a handful unless you're an experienced driver, but the racing potential is there, if you can master it.

    Photo2.png Photo1.png Photo3.png Photo4.png
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