1970s Canadian Police Liveries for the Moonhawk 2.2

Police skins from '70s Canada

  1. Hotfix for version 2.1

    I accidently uploaded the old thumbnails and sirens for version 2.1. Now all the stated changes of 2.1 should be present.

    The Hamilton-Wentworth skin was also changed slightly.
  2. 1970s Canadian Police Liveries Update


    1. Reworked OPP skin to be more accurate, typographically. Minor changes on many other skins. Lettering and numbers removed from rear of Edmonton PD skin as their cars in the late-1970s were blank.

    2. Fixed materials.json files and re-exported skins as BC7 DDS files, meaning they should all look much better.

    3. Each car will now function as a police car in AI traffic.

    4. Sirens changed to be similar to the FEDERAL PA-15A, which was used by the RCMP, SQ (I think), and other...
  3. 1970s Canadian Police Liveries for the Moonhawk

    Update v.2.0:

    Added liveries for:
    Vancouver Police Department
    North Bay Police Service (as per request)
    Halifax Police Service
    Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police Service


    1. 1.png
    2. 2.png
    3. 3.png
    4. 4.png
    5. 5.png
    6. 6.png
    7. 7.png
    8. 8.png
    9. 9.png
    10. 13.png
    11. 12.png
    12. 11.png
    13. 10.png
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