1977 Citroën BX Estate 17D Turbo 1.0

I decided to make a Citroën BX Estate from 1977 in BMW Bronzit Beige Metallic

  1. Thomsen
    Engine: 1.769 cc. (1.7L) Turbocharged 8V SOHC I4 Diesel
    Engine Code: XUD7TE
    Power: 93.8 HP @ 4.900 RPM. & 175 Nm @ 2.100 RPM.
    Redline: 5.400 RPM.
    Transmission: 4 Speed automatic transmission going through a FWD Drivetrain.
    Top Speed: Limited to 180 Km/h. ( MPH)
    Fuel Economy: 14.1 km/L ( mpg)
    Engine Weight: 143 KG. ( lbs).

    Chassis Type: Monocoque Chassis.
    Chassis Material: Galvanized Steel.
    Panel Material: Steel.
    Body Type: 4 door - 8 seater.
    Body Colour: BMW Bronzit Beige Metallic
    Tires & Rims: 205/55R15 front and back.
    Front Brakes: 300 mm. Solid Discs with 3 Puck Calipers.
    Rear Brakes: 300 mm. SLS Drum Brakes.
    Suspension: MacPherson Strut front and Semi Trailing Arm rear.

    Electronical Help:
    Nothing. Only hydraulic power steering.
    Weight: 1.269 KG. ( lbs) (57% front, 43% rear).
    Wheelbase / Length / Width: 2.70 m. / 4.43 m. / 1.68 m.

    HiResPhoto108.png HiResPhoto109.png HiResPhoto110.png HiResPhoto111.png HiResPhoto112.png HiResPhoto113.png
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