Beta 1978 Luka Reel XL 1.0

A big old car

  1. LeeryCape4
    screenshot_2020-02-09_22-40-36.png :p screenshot_2020-02-09_22-41-12.png screenshot_2020-02-09_22-44-38.png screenshot_2020-02-09_22-46-32.png

    1978 Luka Reel XL- This is all the land yacht you truly need!

    This Luka Reel has a 360 Cubic inch V8 under it's massive hood. It packs a mighty punch with 180hp! This car will scream to 100mph if you so choose. If not the plush interior will keep you nice and comfortable on your daily drive and at 9 miles a gallon you'll be doing a lot of driving. This is a $4,779 beast of a car! All your friends and family will want to ride with you! Say goodbye to all those other cars nor a ford or a mercury holds a candle to us!

    See through windows is a must here at luka!:rolleyes:

    Hope you injoy your new car if not please send any complaints or suggestions to... well me :p
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