1980's Ibishu 300BX V0.85

Hot Hatchback from the 80's outrun and miami sunsets era

  1. Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    I created this to practice drifting with my actual "300BX" I own, but thought i'd share with the community something awesome I didn't know I could make in 6 months. Credit to BeamNG for some 200BX Chassis and framework!

    There is also a version with much more parts and accessories on my page, should you guys be interested in helping me develop this mod even further!


Recent Updates

  1. 300BX Expansion package
  2. Minor Cosmetic Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Ronziepie
    Version: V0.85
    Maybe you could add a few more stock configs, but this mod is AMAZING.
  2. Declan Cole
    Declan Cole
    Version: V0.85
    If BeamNG Made An RX7 FC gone south...
    Now, to put it simply, I F**king love this mod, it's amazing in almost every way,
    except the fact that it has about as much power as a well-trained sewer rat, and to be honest, thats the best bit! 11/10, would hoon again. <3
  3. moses72
    Version: V0.85
    very cool
    i have some requests though
    make the wheels smaller, i think a 15x7 would fit more
    and im pretty sure it doesnt squat that much IRL when you floor it so maybe tune the suspension a lil bit
    otherwise super epic mod, i love it
  4. AndySchwarzenegger
    Version: V0.85
  5. Divepunk
    Version: V0.82
    Really like the car! I grew up with it, my dad drove one for years(built the year I was born), with the digital dash. It was N/A but still quite peppy and fun(in part to the 5-speed stick). A good car, T-tops, and If I remember correctly it had wire mesh rims reminiscent of GNX rims.

    This car remains one of my favorite cars, Japanese, or other wise and your faithfulness to the car that this mod represents(not that going a bit crazy and having a V8 to swap in, or AWD option would be viewed as a problem lol) and attention to detail are great.

    Really looking forward to seeing this mod updated and improved having a great time blasting around in a car that I found an enjoyable part of growing up!
  6. ryanisstigg
    Version: V0.82
    Very nice representation of one of my favorite Japanese cars, although I wish there were more configs and parts that I didn't need to pay money for. Keep up the good work though!
  7. OldTimersGaming
    Version: V0.82
    While I didn't find any glitches with the vehicle, I feel the exterior is way too similar to the real vehicle. I looked at pictures of the Nissan 300ZX online and it looks just like this but with different badging. The interior I can't really speak for because I didn't looks at pictures of the real interior.

    Also, the name for it in the vehicles selector is "Nissan 300ZX" rather than the proper Ibishu 300BX name. While this isn't a big deal to me it would be nice if this were changed as well.

    Overall it's not a bad mod, but it really needs a redesign if you want it to be lore friendly.
    1. Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
      Author's Response
      Woops, forgot about that!
      It is a remake of my car, it is only rebadged to be repository legal. I had no intention of deceiving it as another car, just something accurate I use to practice while my real one chills in the garage.
  8. JanHálek
    Version: V0.82
    with the badges it fits nicely and going through tunnel with the race exhaust is just perfection
  9. kazamilol
    Version: V0.81
    vary nais
  10. ThomasWFB
    Version: V0.81
    looks nice but needs a lot of refinement tho, cant wait yo see it finished! :)
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