1981 Auora Sunborn (Automation) 1.0

A semi-sporty coupe, similar to the Pontiac Sunfire

  1. CarGeek25
    The Sunborn was the first car produced by Aoura, a well-known American car company. It has a 2.5L Turbocharged Inline-4 that produces 110 HP, 10HP more than the 80's VW Golf GTI. It is based on the Pontiac Sunfire and is often seen around the country. It was very popular with young people which made it live to the early 2000s until it became irrelevant.

    screenshot_2020-07-09_08-55-21.png screenshot_2020-07-09_08-56-53.png screenshot_2020-07-09_08-57-15.png screenshot_2020-07-09_08-59-21.png screenshot_2020-07-09_09-00-04.png screenshot_2020-07-09_09-00-38.png screenshot_2020-07-09_09-00-59.png screenshot_2020-07-09_09-01-45.png
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