1987 Exegy Exodus soviet russian sports sedan 1.0

the russians needed a competitor to the AE86 corolla. this is it. (read teh story)

  1. hellacat
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    in 1985the Russian government felt threatened that other countries had cheap practical sports cars. they gave a mission to Lada. the Russian people needed a sports car. a practical sports car for the Russian people. lada did not have the resorses to create a fun sports sedan so they turned to Canadian auto manufacturer Exegy for help. under the table they negotiated a deal so that Exegy would get 35% of the profits if they design the car that was fast sporty practical and fun while still being able to be manufactured with Ladas existing factories and have the body be made up of existing Lada parts while the drivetrain would be supplied by Exegy. Exegy had created engines in the past but never a sporty high revving engine that needed to withstand lots of stress. so they looked to the toyota ae86 for inspiration. the 4age in the ae86 was studied by Exegy but they were not impressed.they felt they could do better. after lots of tinkering they had their perfect engine. a 1.6l 20v DOHC 4 cylinder based off of the 4AGE. the engines were tested and shipped to be put into the Lada built cars. the resulting car was a cheap car that hit all the sweet points in practicality and sportyness. the government and people of Russia were thrilled by this. the Exegy exodus was sold under the Lada name until 1990 when the government found out they were working with outside allies to build the car. the car was banned for sale and Lada were fined. in 1992 after the soviet union collapsed the car was sold again up until the last one rolled off the like in September 27th 2000.
    the exegy lineup!
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