1988 Civetta Bolide Facelift 2.0

A refreshed Bolide, with a Targa and an EV conversion!

  1. One thing that should've happened to the Bolide, one thing that shouldn't have.

    Theo Wilkinson
    The first bolide update! This update includes:
    The Targa!

    Targa Body
    screenshot_2021-08-19_14-00-02.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-59-47.png
    screenshot_2021-08-19_13-54-51.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-55-09.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-55-20.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-55-28.png
    Rolled Down Windows
    screenshot_2021-08-19_13-54-41.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-56-04.png
    Detachable Targa Roof
    screenshot_2021-08-19_14-00-47.png screenshot_2021-08-19_14-00-52.png screenshot_2021-08-19_14-01-46.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-58-12.png screenshot_2021-08-19_13-56-24.png ...
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