1988 Juzan Goujon RF4T RF4T

1988 Juzan Goujon RF4T | By Elias Heikkinen | Price: $27.500

  1. Thomsen
    Backstory: Juzan is known for making wacky cars and the Goujon RF4T is no difference. The Juzan Goujon RF4T is a limited run car, with a production number of only produced 350 examples. Design work began in 1979 when Francesco Totti from Juzan's testing department started to evaluate alternatives for engine placement and drive method, finalizing a mid-transverse engine placement. Juzan called the 1985 prototype SF-X. From its original design, the car evolved into a sports car, and further prototypes were tested both in Japan and in the US. Significant testing was performed on race circuits including Willow Springs, where former Formula One driver Dan Gurney tested the car. Juzan debuted its RF-3 concept car in October 1983 at the Tokyo Motor Show, gathering press and audience publicity. The car was scheduled for a Japanese launch in the second quarter of 1988 under the name RF4T. Juzan introduced the first-generation Goujon in 1988, designating it the model code "RF4T".

    Engine: 1397 cc. (1.4L) OHC 8V I4 Turbo
    Drivetrain: Rear Transverse FWD
    Power: 182 HP @ 7.200 RPM. & 227 Nm @ 4.800 RPM.
    Redline: 7.600 RPM.
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual.
    Top Speed: 245 KPH ( MPH).
    Fuel Economy: 16.3 KM/L ( mpg).
    Engine Weight: 118 KG.
    0 to 100 km/h: 6.9 sec.
    80 to 120 km/h: 3.8 sec.
    100 to 0 km/h: 35.3 m.
    1/4 Mile: 15.06 sec.
    1 Mile: 26.70 sec.
    Chassis Type: Monocoque.
    Chassis Material: Steel.
    Panel Material: Steel.
    Body Type: 2 door - 2-seater.
    Front Tires: 205/50R15.
    Rear Tires: 215/50/R15.
    Front Brakes: 250 mm. 1 Piston Solid Discs.
    Rear Brakes: 250 mm. SLS Drums.
    Suspension: Double Wishbone front and Torsion Beam rear.
    Price: $27.500
    Electronical Help:
    Weight: 1104 KG. (50% front, 50% rear).
    Wheel base / Length / Width: 2.40 m. / 3.89 m. / 1.58 m.

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