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Alpha 1989 Videre C89RB [TEST AND POST REVIEW] 0.1 (Test)

A Group C car that can reach 419 kph (260 mph)

  1. FX04
    WARNING! This is the test version, the full version will be released after the Beta-release of the ETK C-series.

    Generic Group C car (Videre=my representation of Audi, but Audi didn't make Gr.C car). Produced in 1989-1991.
    C89RB - Group C 1989 Racing Boxer
    The car is based on a spaceframe chassis with flat underneath. The engine is a 6.2-litre 6-cylinder boxer engine. It produce 1007 horsepower on around 8000 RPM.
    The car's design is generic, The chassis is based on a Ford Probe GTP, but with flat underneath, as the Courage C30/C32. The overall design/greenhouse is based on a Porsche 962C, the front headlights are based on the ALD with square lights/Thompson 962/Kremer CK6, the rear is based on the Toyota 90C-V/92C-V/Nissan NPT-90.
    The suspension is Solid Axle Coil at front, double wishbone at rear.
    The test prototype (The only present here) accelerates to 60mph by 3.4 seconds and has a whopping 419 kph max speed. However, it SLIGHTLY TENDS TO OVERSTEER and probably, won't reach the speed, as it is a test prototype.
    screenshot_2019-07-09_23-40-00.png screenshot_2019-07-09_23-37-43.png screenshot_2019-07-10_00-02-37.png screenshot_2019-07-09_23-34-21.png
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