1990 JM Latino RM 1.2.0

90's Group B style rally car built for SMD Group F AutoBeam rallying.

  1. Jörge-Martines
    I promised that I would release the competition version of the Latino when the races were over, so here I am to deliver on that promise.

    Since its debut in Stage 1 - Utah, the Latino has gained a reputation as a daredevil car with big power, and a very unpredictable handling style.
    And it has, driven by JM and TheCrySick, won second place overall in Season 1 of SMD Group F.
    It finished in second-last in Utah because of catastrophic failiure, but made up for it with smashing times in Italy.

    If you want to watch the Latino's barely completed run in Utah, go here:

    If you want to watch the Latino's very succesful run in Italy, go here:
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