1992 Exegy Sequoia V8 fullsize sedan 1.0

a luxury fullsize sedan with seating for 6.

  1. hellacat
    fbdrhg.png gegeg.png xgy.png xgy2.png
    new for 1992 straight out of the exegy parts bin! a floating road couch! the exegy sequoia! new aerodynamic styling for the needs of the 90s and unparalleled comfort. the grand marshal has nothing on this! its SOHC 5.1l v8 making 275hp to the rear wheels surges you along the highway in a cloud of torque. the 4 speed slushbox slushing you along a road of wonder. electronic fuel injection makes sure this car gets a epa rated 16 city / 20 highway! best in class! you will not regret buying this couch on wheels.
    41995$ MSRP come to your nearest exegy stealership!

Recent Reviews

  1. S N A S
    S N A S
    Version: 1.0
    The look is just enough to get me to get this. And the description wants me to get it more.
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