1994 NvR Antares (X94) 1.0

The new NvR Antares, bringing sports car looks to the masses.

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    Please note that due to the limitations of cars exported from Automation, it is currently not possible to add these as trims of a single car, instead each will be seen as a standalone vehicle, this can cause the car selection screen to become a bit crowded.

    The coupés feature a special sports suspension package. The GL, GLX and V8 Limited are also available with an auto gearbox.

    The 1994 NvR Antares is available in the following trim levels:

    1.6 L Coupé / Roadster: The base model, powered by a 1600cc single cam inline 4, connected to a 5 speed manual, and making 90hp. The coupés come with a sports suspension package too.

    1.8 LX Coupé / Roadster: The LX ups the engine displacement to 1.8 liters, increasing its power to 100 hp. But most important is the bump in low end torque, making it an easier car to live with.

    1.8 Turbo GL Coupé / Roadster: The addition of a turbocharger, gives the 1.8 engine a boost to 140 hp. Available with both a 5 speed manual and a 4 speed auto.

    2.1 16v GLX Coupé / Roadster: The car for the more hardcore driver, It's 2100cc twin cam engine produces 160 hp at 8500 rpm. CRX drivers beware.

    V8 Limited Coupé / Roadster: A more compact alternative to the Mustang, the 3.6 V8 produces 195 hp, making it the ideal cruiser.

    2.0 V6 4x4 Sport Coupé: This manual coupé-only is the fastest regular Antares, powered by a 2 liter, 30 valve V6, giving more than 200 hp at 9100 rpm.

    2.5 GTX Coupé: This homologation special features a bored out version of the V6, increasing it's power to more than 270 hp. Redline is an amazing 10,000 rpm.

    Cup: A stripped down, race ready version of the 1.6 L.

    V6 Cup: More than 300hp on all four wheels.

    Tuned: A nostalgia trip back to 2002. A 1.8 Turbo GL with a larger turbo and show car looks.

    Pikes Peak: The ultimate Antares, it's 4.0 Twin Turbo V8 produces more than 720 hp. The off road tyres and rally suspension make this car quite a handful.

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  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Beautiful <3
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