1997-2004 Gavril Vendetta 1.0

An American performance icon!

  1. Revhead Gaming
    In the late 90s, Gavril noticed that most of their V8s had pretty low horsepower for their displacement and had earned the reputation for producing slow, inefficient gas guzzlers. Gavril acted upon this, by designing a lightweight sports coupe that would show the world that they can achieve something great if they want to, they decided to revive their 'Vendetta' name that was used in their V8 sports coupe of the 60s. The engine that Gavril used in this sports coupe was a tuned 5.7L pushrod V8 with an aluminium block and head for reduced weight, multipoint fuel injection for good power and efficiency and a high compression ratio with a higher camshaft profile. All of these tweaks to their previously terribly inefficent V8 engines meant that this V8 produced 330 horsepower without any form of forced induction! This was a massive achievement for Gavril as previously, the Gavril Grand Marshal Roadsport needed 5.5 litres of engine displacement plus a supercharger to make 30 less horsepower than this new V8! As soon as it hit the market, it competed overwhelmingly well in the performance car market, completely outperforming the ETK I Series TTSport Evolution for less than half the price. This meant that Gavril sold many thousands of units in the first week of production and saturated the US performance car market well with their all new Vendetta. The Vendetta had its weaknesses though, one way of getting the cost so low was Gavril used leaf-spring live-axle rear suspension in the Vendetta (similar to what they used in the D-Series, Roamer and H-Series). This choice of rear suspension would be fine in a heavy duty, utility or SUV vehicle, but just doesn't make sense in a sports car of this era. This poor choice of rear suspension meant that there were multiple reports of new owners randomly losing control of their car and crashing on the track. This issue wasn't too major as all you needed was good driving skills and controlled throttle and steering inputs to keep the car tame. Overall, the second generation Gavril Vendetta was extremely successful and still is a performance car legend in the automotive community today.

    Here is my YT video on the the creation of the vehicle and testing it:

    link to the first gen Gavril Vendetta (original mod by Driv3r1142): https://www.beamng.com/resources/gavril-vendetta.3458/

    I got inspired to create a modern remake of this mod.


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