Experimental 2.5L I5 Kerosene engine for the Cherrier FCV 0.5

Speedy Kerosene

  1. justaguy
    --Have you ever wanted a Vivace that runs on Kerosene?


    --Then here you go!

    Since I Discovered how to ''make'' new engines i decided to bring something new...
    KEROSENE VIVACE no. I didn't get the fuel type wrong.

    This Engine looks like the I5 2.5L engine from the vivace that makes your vivace: ''molta piú vivace''

    This mod includes:

    An Engine that is thirsty after kerosene and a tank that takes too much kerosene.

    Bonus: A vivace polizia edizione kerosene (Vivace Polizia Kerosene)

    Here is a screenshot:

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