2003-2013 Koyote AVS 1.1

Big successful Minivan with many different engines

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The 2003 succesor to the weird and flopped Nissan-engined, Malpensa built Koyote Active was this time developed entirely by Koyote themselves with the Plattform of the Koyote F series 3. It has the 2000s "Preston" engines, so now I have a complete Lineup of fourcylinder engines for my Koyote cars from the 18/25 series from the Koyote F series one from the 80s, the 18/25G2 through the 90s, the Preston engines in the 2000s, the F22s and currently the FX engines.....
    Okay, stay on topic Tim haha

    So, the car uses engines from 1.6l to 2.3 with an exception, They all have 16 Valves and i was creative with trimming. You could freely choose trim and engine more or less. However, the 2.3 T was only offered with the highest trim in Europe, in the US you could have it with evfery trim, and the lowest engine version was only offered with the budghet trim (only Europe, Africa and Asia)

    The 1.6 16V is in the most basic BE trim in this example.
    It has just the bench seating and a 100hp 1.6l 16V engine, a manual 5 speed gearbox and rwd.
    If thsi is too weak, there are the 2.0 engine, the 2.2 and the 2.0 turbo (163hp) The last two were actually the most popular engine choices.

    The trim level PL brings you single seats and a nicer interior, the L trim is more luxurious but was less common.
    screenshot_2021-11-01_13-09-20.png screenshot_2021-11-01_13-09-10.png
    Than there is the Highclass: it isn't meant as a family car mostly but as a comfortable roomey way for multiple people to move around. It is powered by a 200hp 2.0l engine, the "turbo200" and that engine brings an auto gearbox with it.

    screenshot_2021-10-30_21-19-24.png screenshot_2021-10-30_21-18-59.png
    screenshot_2021-10-30_21-12-38.png screenshot_2021-10-30_21-12-48.png

    Than there are the special versions:

    If the Highclass wasn't good enough and not luxurious enough, you could get the "AVS Business Liner exclusive" with the Turbo250 2.3l engine with 250 hp, that was only offered in this trim in Europe, but was avaiable in other trims in the US. The 250 hp are enough that you never feel too slow and never need to think about power whilst driving. You push the gas pedal and you get faster.
    It is actually a really comfortable way of getting driven around, even at high speeds as all Highclass and exclusive versions have awd and reworked suspension standard and sre better insulated.
    It features luxurious handmade leather upholstery, a car phone, a fridge and massaging rear seats. At a pricepoint of 125000€, only about 2500 were built.
    screenshot_2021-11-01_13-19-24.png screenshot_2021-11-01_13-19-15.png screenshot_2021-11-01_13-19-05.png
    But what if the Turbo 250 wasn't enough? What if you wanted more than just the 250 hp? What if you want to win drag races against a Lotus Evora.... in a Minivan?
    About 25 Business exclusives were bought by the tuner K-Performance and refitted with a slightly modded 4.2l V10 from the Koyote Solara 2000. But louder. They got a different suspension and a 6 speed sport gearbox. All for as total price of 200.000€ Thats why they only made 25.
    screenshot_2021-10-30_22-58-56.png screenshot_2021-10-30_22-59-03.png screenshot_2021-10-30_22-59-14.png screenshot_2021-10-30_23-28-36.png screenshot_2021-11-01_13-15-43.png screenshot_2021-11-01_13-15-53.png


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    4. screenshot_2021-10-30_22-51-57.png

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  1. Fixes the 2.3 Exclusive

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  1. itzdaechoindawadaa
    Version: 1.1
    I like it! Honestly the rear reminds me of some Ssangyong lol
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      As long as it doesn't remind you of the Rodius that's fine.
      Thanks for the 5 stars dude
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