2004-2011 Scarpa Ledano IV 1.0

The fourth iteration of Scarpas 4 door Sportscar/ "sedan"

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The 2004 Ledano IV was a big developement for Scarpa, since it made their four door car much more popular than before. Also, it finally brought a new engine to the Ledano, derived from the ION. The old Ledano still used updated variants of the 1970s engine from the first generation.

    The Ledano IV was only avaiable with a big, high revving V8 engine with or without turbocharging.

    screenshot_2022-01-08_15-21-28.png screenshot_2022-01-08_15-21-38.png screenshot_2022-01-08_15-21-50.png
    The standard version had a 475hp N/A V8 engine and was set up as a GT, not too sporty.

    screenshot_2022-01-08_15-25-51.png screenshot_2022-01-08_15-26-07.png screenshot_2022-01-08_15-26-15.png
    If you wanted more power and handling, the 560hp GTS has the same engine, but twin turbo charged. It also has better handling and is sportier and harder.

    Both versions have a 6 speed sequential gearbox.
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