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2008 AFM Buffalo SS 1.0

A 490hp SUV built for speed.

  1. killercar34
    Back in 2002, AFM built the Buffalo, a SUV built as a spiritual successor to a SUV they built in the late 80s and early 90s called the Ox. The Buffalo is bigger, more powerful, more spacious, and just as durable as the Ox was. Fast forward to the final years of the Buffalo, and AFM decides to give one of their best selling SUVs a send off to be remembered. Rumors began to spread about how AFM was making a 490hp family car, but no one knew what the car was until the Buffalo SS was revealed at the Philadelphia Auto Show in 2007. Making 490hp with it's 6.0L V8 and carrying a 7 speed automatic transmission and given an optional 4X4 package, the AFM Buffalo was a SUV that met expectations and went down in history as one of the fastest SUVs to come out of the late 2000s.


    1. AFMBuffalo.png
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