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Beta 2012 Doosan Inspiron v2.0

Allows cruising at 326mph in relative comfort.

  1. Rio_Grande
    [EDIT: as of 9/9/2019 I have re-tuned the car, as the update page on the mod will ensure, so im Just posting the updated statistics here.]

    10.5l v12. 2260 Horsepower, 1820 Ft.lbs of torque. (This horsepower increase allocates a new top of speed of 326mph, over the previous 301 mph.)

    AWD, 8 speed automatic, 385mm rear tires, 355mm front tires.

    Doosan enters the hyper-car market, and does not disappoint.

    *Psychedelic pictures not included in the mod

    HighresScreenshot00015.png HighresScreenshot00013.png HighresScreenshot00014.png

Recent Reviews

  1. LightningDued5
    Version: v1.1
    In neilogicals video!!!!!!!!

    (can this futuristic hypercar jump the grand canyon)
    1. Rio_Grande
      Author's Response
      Seriously! wow! Thanks for the info!
  2. Do Hyun Kim
    Do Hyun Kim
    Version: v1.0
    is the Korean Hypercar? Comapny name looks really like Korean Industry company. Otherwise, super nice car!
    1. Rio_Grande
      Author's Response
      Hello and thanks for the kind words! As for the name, I based the name off of random products i found looking around my room, i couldn't think of any better names of the top of my head haha!
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