2015 Hirochi Katana 1.0

Hirochi's popular sports coupe...after the SBR4 that is

  1. JDMguy05
    The Hirochi Katana is a sports coupe Hirochi made after they realized how successful the SBR4 became. They wanted to make a fun, smaller version of it. The name comes from its rather sharp cornering

    It has a Boxer 6, twin turbos, about 400-500 hp, AWD, and active aero
    The body itself is reminiscent of the S2000 but the styling is(for the most part) not influenced by any IRL car.


    -The Katana was actually debuted with a video game titled "Desire for Acceleration" in November 2014. It was rumored to cost the developing company, ElectronicCrafts (EC for short) nearly $200,000 as the car wouldn't release until March 4th the next year

    -The car was originally supposed to be a partnership with Ibishu to settle their everlasting beef of the two Japanese manufacturers, but Ibishu's CEO was stubborn and claimed they were working on a 2015 Pessima. A week after that news was released an Ibishu employee came out and said that the claim was "Complete and utter bulls**t" and that the CEO was actually trying to negotiate with the Governor of California to put an Ibishu museum the size of a city block in the middle of Belasco City. Of course, the proposal was rejected...again. Hirochi's CEO in response said, "That's fine. I never liked him anyway.", and started manufacturing the Katana.

    -A Chinese company attempted to make a rip-off but fell flat on their face after someone attended a Chinese car show shortly after the Katana's debut and e-mailed Hirochi's CEO about it, telling him that it resembled the Katana and it was called the Shuriken. Hirochi's CEO immediately found it suspicious that a Chinese company was naming their car after another Japanese weapon and that it was a look-alike. He pressed charges only 1 day after finding out and put the Chinese company completely out of business.

    -On March 6th, 2 days after the Katana's release, A 22-year-old man from San Bernardino, California live-streamed on Twitch showcasing the car. During this stream, he took it on Route 15, which is a freeway that goes from L.A. to Las Vegas. He was doing over 100 mph when an HP unit flagged him down. At first, the man complied and pulled over, however when the officer went back to his car to confirm his license and registration, he took off, resulting in a chase that went all the way to the outskirts of Las Vegas. After pit maneuvering 3 cop cars, The man finally stopped when he hit a spike strip. Hirochi's CEO only had this to say about the situation: "I don't condone this behavior...but at least he enjoyed the hell out of it."
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