2018 Range Rover Sport SDV6 183KW 1.0

Powered by a 3.0 Turbo diesel V6

  1. xXThunder4323Xx
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    The second-generation Range Rover Sport was announced on 27 March 2013 at the New York Auto Show. Several streets were shut down in Manhattan for a launch party at the Auto Show starring James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

    The new Range Rover Sport continues in the design direction that produced the Evoque styling, and the full-size 2013 Range Rover. It is 4 inches (100 mm) longer, being 191 inches (4,851 mm) long; and 400 lb (181 kg) lighter, weighing in at 4,727 lb (2,144 kg). Unlike the previous generation that uses an integrated bodyframe chassis, the L494 Range Rover Sport utilizes an all-aluminium monocoque body, just like the L405 Range Rover.

    It introduced Dynamic Response suspension with active anti-roll bars.

    In 2017, at the Los Angeles Car Show, the Jaguar Land Rover Group announced the face-lifted Range Rover Sport beginning in 2018. The New Sport comes with new headlights and all new interior with the touch duo system and a MHEV 355 and 395 HP as well as a V8 with 518 HP and the SVR Version with 575 HP. The main changes in the Face-lift are redesigned front and rear bumpers, new exhausts (two black pipes on S & SE variants, Twin silver pipes on HSE, HSE Dynamic and Autobiography with Dynamic Pack and Quad exhausts on the SVR Variant) and upgraded touch duo infotainment from the all new 2018 Range Rover Velar.

Recent Reviews

  1. Joe-san Wolf
    Joe-san Wolf
    Version: 1.0
    It is a very good recreation. The only issue I can find is that it should have 214 Kw of power.
    1. xXThunder4323Xx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 stars, this range rover is based off the 183KW version. (there's also a 225KW version)
  2. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
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