Beta 2019-2022 Radian CR-S 1.1

Your modern and practical compact crossover SUV

  1. Peter Beamo
    2019-2022 Radian CR-S

    You got kids or want some large cargo space in a compact SUV? Here it is for you! It's not fast nor powerful, but practicality is the icon for this model.

    Drivetrain: Transversely Mounted FWD

    • 132hp / 142lb-ft Turbocharged DOHC 1.5L Inline-4
    • 123hp / 133lb-ft N/A DOHC 1.8L Inline-4 (NYC Taxi only)
    Transmission: 8-Speed Adaptive AT
    Top Speed: 175kph
    Wheels: 195/60R17 / 205/60R17 (Crosser model)
    Brakes: Front Vented Disc / Rear Drum (V), Solid Disc (SV)
    Suspension: McPherson w/anti roll bar / Torsion Beam
    Weight: 1290kg (V) / 1320kg (SV)
    0-60: 9-10 seconds
    1/4 mile: roughly 16 seconds


    V model - Base trim with 5 seats


    SV model - The highest trim with 7 seats

    Modular Package - Sporty package with Modular body kit, better brakes, rear sway bar added.


    Crosser - More offroad looking with a new body kit, bigger tires, and 30mm lifted suspension.

    NYC Taxi - Looks like a taxi. It is equipped with better fuel economy N/A 1.8L Inline-4. I did something for the interior too.

    Drivemodes were reworked so your car doesn't try to brake itself every time you steer.

    Stay tuned for more updates!
    Screenshot369.jpg NewProject9.jpg NewProject10.jpg Screenshot426.jpg
    screenshot_2022-05-12_01-13-41.png screenshot_2022-05-12_01-10-49.png screenshot_2022-05-12_01-06-58.png

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  1. Little tweaking

Recent Reviews

  1. Skoda_Lover
    Version: 1.0
    Cool! Thanks!
  2. Somewutguy1
    Version: 1.0
    Like all of your mods, amazing
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