Beta 2019 ETK K-series 1.0

A new generation

  1. TheMultiTuber™
    Introducing the new ETK Kc6 TTsport+, with ultra-grip all wheel drive, a turbocharged 6 cylinder built with the finest ETK quality and reliability. It has amazing luxury features, and a top speed of 308km/h, the new ETK is here.
    Starting at 79109€.


    1. screenshot_2019-03-03_18-06-08.png
    2. screenshot_2019-03-03_18-06-38.png

Recent Reviews

  1. BeamCar
    Version: 1.0
    The future has arrived!
    1. TheMultiTuber™
  2. cob4lt974
    Version: 1.0
    umm,wheels not really efect aeros, making wheels thin just gonna kills the grip, making the car harder to control and accelerates badly(due to traction loss/whellspin)
    but its a nice try and experimenting, so better you watch some tutorial first or learn how each parts changes impact/do to the car
    and better take more time at the desigin part, refrencing irl cars can help pretty much and add more details,
    dont stop now, you just started it .keep it up!
    1. TheMultiTuber™
      Author's Response
      thanks I will try to improve in the future
  3. ClassicMike
    Version: 1.0
    Looks and drives bad. Why are the wheels so thin?
    1. TheMultiTuber™
      Author's Response
      there thin for aerodynamics sake
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