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Beta 2020 Alpha Aero Sport 1.0

Fast and Efficient

  1. eastman12
    Alpha has long been known as a manufacturer of quick and nimble sports cars, all using small and unexpected engines...
    It all started with the Alpha Eco One, the premier hyper efficient car. Throughout the years, Alpha has honed their craft to produce some of the most fuel efficient vehicles to ever be produced. And now Alpha has unveiled the revolutionary Aero model. A new breed of economical and efficient vehicle, and a new breed of performance in a league of its own.
    The Sport trim level is the premium model. It averages close to 100mpg, and has a 215hp turbo charged inline 3 engine. It also has a front wheel drive drivetrain geared into a manual transmission. It is very light and agile, and requires good driving skills to drive quickly; but if you can reel it in, you can keep up with the best of the best when put on the track...
    The Aero Sport may have a low top speed, a small engine, and an unusual drivetrain, but it is deceptively fast. It's basically a supercar with a tiny engine that's been marketed as an economy car.
    screenshot_2019-06-13_00-27-41.png screenshot_2019-06-13_00-28-39.png
    Note: I highly recommend using a wheel to drive this car, it can be quite twitchy and is easy to oversteer. It is very fast around the track, but only if you can reign it in and overcome its quirks.
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